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Wednesdays, as we all know, can be a bit of a drag: halfway through the week, yet not quitetime to celebrate weekend bliss. So here are five site I’ve complied using Stumble Upon (which in itself is a great way to get through the week) to entertain, distract, amuse, divert, engross and other like synonyms.

1.) OK GO: Having posted on thegeniusthat is OK GO before, I’ll keep this run-down brief: the band whoarguablymade YouTube with their 2005 video for “A Million Ways,” is back with a an outrageously complicated Rube Goldberg machine-inspired video. According to Wired, the man behind the machineRube Goldberg, or Health Robinson contraptions if you’re English, became famous for designing and building “fanciful, bizarrely complex, jury-rigged contraptions to accomplish simple tasks.” OK GO released the Rube Goldberg video for “This To Shall Pass” a few weeks ago and the video features a massive machine whose parts drop, twist, crash and break in a perfect, unbroken harmony to the nearly four-minute video. The video, created by a Los Angeles arts and technology collective Syyn Labs, took months to build with the help of sixty volunteers and two days to film, is explained: here. (Parts two, three and four.)

Follow them on Twitter, or become a fan on Facebook; OK GO is a band that knows social media and how to use it well by not only generating the content, but also engaging their fans so they will keep coming back, again and again and again.

2.) Billboard Ads: From Best Design Options, the 35 best billboard and related advertisements. My personal favourite:

Cool Billboard Ads - Bic From Best Design Options: “Bic developed this creative outdoor advertisement for their razors. The billboardis blank except for a small logo, but without it the advertisement might be missed and it acts as a good backdrop for thegiantrazor and cut grass. The only draw back is the constant trimming of the lawn.” The other 34 ads can be found: here.

3.) Create your own Jackson Pollock: Love the art but can’t afford the price tag? Then this online DIY project is perfect. Go:here and click enter to create your own abstract impressionism.

Enter Jackson

4.) Wisdom Bits: Music, as they say, is the great communicator. Check out Wisdom Bits here for “nubbins of wisdom from everlasting songmavens”. Here you can find the best snippets of wisdom from Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” to Johnny Cash’s “I Walk the Line.”

5.) This last one was intended to be a link to the cheesy, yet endearing Love Letters project, but then I clicked ‘Stumble! and this sink turned up instead. (Don’t let thatexclamationmarkdeceiveyou; Stumble! is one of the few instances I think anexclamationmark is justified.)

The concrete sink shaped as a fossil is fromHighTech. The fossil is an ammonite, an “extinct species of cephalopods which lived in the sea about 400 million years ago. Their shells are found all over the world and they are very much sought-after by fossil-hunters, their value depending on size and the state of preservation. The fascinating shape of ammonite fossils, which resembles a rolled up helix, is the basic design element in the new HighTech wash basin.”

Amazing. Awesome, and another reason Stumble Upon is soaddictive.

So, do you Stumble!? If so, what are the best links you’ve Stumbled upon lately?

If you don’t use Stumble Upon, do you use a different/similar tool?

– Jessie W.

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