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Moving Day

Moving Day

Hello fans of the Pondstone Communications blog!

Thank you for years of loyal readership. With nearly 655,000 views at the time of posting, has served us well but it’s time to move our blog to our own site. We will keep this blog live (people who Google “cute animals” and “cool castles” will still find us here) but a more focused blog relating to Pondstone’s business will now be available at

Thanks again! ‘Hope to see you at the new site!

Infographics: An Infographic

Infographic from The Huffington Post

The first infographic I read was on the subject of crowdsourcing. I was entertained and informed. I also felt that this was a clever and creative way to present statistics and other information.

In my search to discover the origins of the modern infographic I learned from Wikipedia that the first infographic was a cave painting… right… helpful.

From my own observations then, these [modern] infographics are enjoying a surge in popularity. They seem to have started more poster-like and I’ve seen interactive (flash) infographics but my personal favorites are the long graphics that tell a story as the user scrolls (and scrolling is the only input required of the user). I find them a great showcase of the graphic designer’s talent and the most digestible presentation of the information.

Business and charities are now putting out infographics to sell or promote their product or cause with facts as an alternative to conventional advertising:

Here are a couple of sites that feature collections of entertaining and informative infographics, but be warned, you could spend a lot of time on these sites:

Have a favorite infographic or collection? Please comment.

Canadian Toy Testing Council

Canadian Toy Testing Council's Logo / 3-Star Award Winning Toy Badge

The Canadian Toy Testing Council’s Annual Media Event was held this past Tuesday, November 8th, to release their 2012 Toy Report and a new website built by Pondstone.

The CTTC is a non-profit, volunteer-powered, registered charitable organization. Every year, parents look to the Canadian Toy Testing Council and their annual Toy Report for recommendations on the best toys for children. The Toy Report is released at the beginning of the holiday shopping season and all testing results are posted to the CTTC website. That means that parents in Canada — and around the world — have access to the results. The news media, too, rely on CTTC expertise when they are reporting on stories related to toys.

Pondstone was delighted to work with CTTC’s Chair, Liliane Benoit, and the Board of Directors to redesign and build a new WordPress site for the organization.  CTTC’s web presence now has an updated look and feel, more intuitive navigation and provides CTTC staff with easy content management and updating.

The new site went live Tuesday morning and the 2012 Toy Testing Results were published at exactly 10:30am to coincide with the beginning of the Media Event.

Check out the new site, as well as the latest Reports and Awards at

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How do I make use of the Internet to take my business to the next level and start generating revenue?

Just the fact that you may be asking the question, tells me that you’re on the right track. More often than not, folks jump right into building a website, starting a blog, and sending out Tweets without ever thinking about what specifically they are trying to accomplish in doing so.

“That’s simple, I’m trying to grow my business. I need to be on all the social media because my competitors are, and that generates them business.”

Yeah, but how? Did it really help them, or is that just your assumption? And if it did indeed build them up, what were they doing right? What’s your game plan?

Too many business out there are trying to jump in on the latest trends, and think that just simply having a Facebook fan page, LinkedIn profile, and Twitter feed are going to generate them a whole lot more business. Sorry to say, it doesn’t work like that. If you don’t have clear goals (and the right benchmarks to measure those goals against) in place, you’re wasting time and resources.

There is a lot to know, and it’s important to avoid the pitfalls along the way. From website design, to properly implementing and executing a social media strategy, I will be creating posts that are designed to help answer your questions and guide you down the right path so that your business can grow effectively online from the perspective of someone who has been in the game for over 15 years.

Every week, I will be posting a new article on properly planning your strategy, designing your site, and marketing your business through the Internet. I always welcome your comments and questions, and hope that you all find this helpful.


Mike G

Here’s a quick compilation of some of the best ads that are sure to make you look twice.

Narrowed down from a list of the seventy best, the below ads show how great design can be used to covey content for a variety of businesses and organizations.

Send a letter.

Eliminate bad breath.

Glassex cleaner.


M&M: Communication Just Got Sweeter.

Mr Hot Pepper

Nothing can replace a tree.

Pepsi Twist.


Pull more.

WMF Knives: Sharper than you think.

WWF: Don’t cut the rainforest.

These are just some of the best ads around. If you know of a list of similar cailibar, please share it in the comments.

– Jessie W.

Brazilian street art. Awesome.

Batman and Robin.





Ice Cream Cone.


Lincoln with top hat.




From the blog of Ok Great, a “a tight-knit crew of designers, writers + artists, hell-bent on delivering the best in art, design and culture”, the following photos are of graffiti from a French artist. From the blog;

Christian Guemy (aka C215) is a seriously talented graffiti artist from France who has traveled the world spraying magic on the streets. I found his work on flickr and there is a ton of it on there. It’s cool to see all the work he’s done over the years and how his technique keeps improving. Most of the subjects in his work are from the streets themselves (homeless, refugees, street kids, etc), complimenting his gritty and powerful style.

This is Christian Guemy at work:

And this is his work:

From a translated interview (Noregewian to English, mind Google’s grammatical errors), C215 says of his choice of canvas: ” I enjoy places that have been neglected. A wall that has spent several years trying to become overgrown and worn. I try to stay away from the typical tag locations.”

And an interview from his Flickr account:

S.A.S. : Why do you paint in the streets? And why stencils?
C215 : “The streets are just my favourite gallery, I been in love with graffiti since I was a child. Sure I did draw, paint free hand, with brushes, with cans, but stencils are the best way to quick place something beautiful anywhere in the streets, without any … authorisation.”

FT: How would you define your work and what inspires you?
C215: I do stencil, realistic but stylized, that I create as a craftwork without a computer, but along with a picture. I start with a picture to end up with another, the one of my work painted outdoors, which is part of a framework while diverting it.

For an extended interview via four posts on the blog Against the Wall, go here and here and here and here.

-Jessie W.

Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich created this installation, simply called The Swimming Pool, for The 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan. A 10cm layer of water over a piece of glass separates above from below. It must be a pretty serious piece of glass; some back-of-the-envelope math based on the published dimensions gives 1,100 kg (2400 lbs) of water that it has to support. Plus its own weight.

Gary Chang, a Hong Kong archiect, has transformed his childhood home from a cramped three room bedroom apartment into a luxurious space with innovative design.

Full video explanation, check it:

From Wired, more here.

-Jessie W.

Narrowed from 30, here are the top ten best advertisements that will make you laugh, smile or smirk.

1. Cafe Rico, an intense wake up call

2. Dog Toast: You eat what you touch

3. Don’t let them get comfortable

4. Duende Azul Costumes: You, but funnier than you

5. Face detect

6. Granny fries with the Granny7. No insects left; will work for food8. Olympus Optical Zoom9. Steady shot

10. Tires that grip to the road

To view the other twenty advertisements, here.

-Jessie W.

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