We all make mistakes.

Anyone who uses Photoshop has likely used it at 4am in a one-eyed, caffeine-perpetuated fog of semi-consciousness in order to complete a project. If you’re lucky, you or a colleague noticed the partially deleted poodle you left in the background before your masterpiece got published.

psdisasters.com, photoshopdisasters.com, and photoshop-disasters.net celebrate the errors that didn’t get caught and images from people who should have their Photoshopping licenses revoked.

Here are some of our favourites from psdisasters.com:

Dog Gone: A half pet is better than no pet at all... no wait!

Shopping Crimes:
Stock image: $2.50.
PS "artist": $10.00.
Branding impression of a lifetime: Priceless!

All Ultra Power: New and Improved
Translation: We all get dirty... and sometimes it may lead to dismemberment!

Caught Short: In a photo timing disaster six young actors were rushed to hospital with broken ankles after failing to clear the end of the dock.

X Factor: Really? I mean, really?

Does It Blend?: There's a fine line between beautiful and disturbing. This image - from the window display in a photography studio in Malaga, Spain - does not approach that line.

Hey Blédilait, that's cool. What's it got in it? Toxic waste? Awesome!