Infographics: An Infographic

Infographic from The Huffington Post

The first infographic I read was on the subject of crowdsourcing. I was entertained and informed.†I also felt that this was a clever and creative way to present statistics and other information.

In my search to discover the origins of the modern infographic I learned from Wikipedia that the first infographic was a cave painting… right… helpful.

From my own observations then, these [modern] infographics are enjoying a surge in popularity. They seem to have started more poster-like and Iíve seen interactive (flash) infographics but my personal favorites are the long graphics that tell a story as the user scrolls (and scrolling is the only input required of the user). I find them a great showcase of the graphic designerís talent and the most digestible presentation of the information.

Business and charities are now putting out infographics to sell or promote their product or cause with facts as an alternative to conventional advertising:

Here are a couple of sites that feature collections of entertaining and informative infographics, but be warned, you could spend a lot of time on these sites:

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