Chicago-based Ragan Communications launched their totally redesigned web site this morning.  The new version is a huge step up from the previous site, packing a host of Ragan news, videos, conferences, webinars, blogs, and much more into a clean and friendly user experience.

With integrated e-commerce, Like and Retweet links, streaming video, and plenty of Web 2.0 goodness, there’s a lot here for the folks and Ragan to be very, very proud of.

A tip of the hat to the whole team down in the Windy City for a job well done, especially the web programming team who took the new site from concept to concrete in record time!

And while I can’t say that Pondstone had anything to do with that herculean programming effort, I can very proudly say that the site design is 100% Pondstone!

I urge you to check out the new site at  There’s no better source on the Web for valuable and relevant information for professional communicators, and now there’s no better looking one, either.