From the blog of Ok Great, a “a tight-knit crew of designers, writers + artists, hell-bent on delivering the best in art, design and culture”, the following photos are of graffiti from a French artist. From the blog;

Christian Guemy (aka C215) is a seriously talented graffiti artist from France who has traveled the world spraying magic on the streets. I found his work onflickr and there is a ton of it on there. Its cool to see all the work hes done over the years and how his technique keeps improving. Most of the subjects in his work are from the streets themselves (homeless, refugees, street kids, etc), complimenting his gritty and powerful style.

This is Christian Guemy at work:

And this is his work:

From a translated interview (Noregewian to English, mind Google’s grammatical errors), C215 says of his choice of canvas: ” I enjoy places that have been neglected. A wall that has spent several years trying to become overgrown and worn. I try to stay away from the typical tag locations.”

And an interview from hisFlickr account:

S.A.S. : Why do you paint in the streets? And why stencils?
C215 : “The streets are just my favourite gallery, I been in love with graffiti since I was a child. Sure I did draw, paint free hand, with brushes, with cans, but stencils are the best way to quick place something beautiful anywhere in the streets, without any … authorisation.”

FT: How would you define your work and what inspires you?
C215: I do stencil, realistic but stylized, that I create as a craftwork without a computer, but along with a picture. I start with a picture to end up with another, the one of my work painted outdoors, which is part of a framework while diverting it.

For an extended interview via four posts on the blog Against the Wall, go here and here and here and here.

-Jessie W.