Found via the CSS Gallery | The CSS Awards. From their site, the CSS Gallery is a “gallery of the most prestigious websites in the world created with CSS. An international jury of the top designers, agencies, and bloggers will award prizes to the best CSS websites.” I follow the CSS blog because it’s a great source of creative inspiration and keeping up with the lastest in design trends online.

For example, the best site of the month for March was Oliver James Gosling, a graphic and web designer. Not only is his site beautifully designed, but it also conveys some measure of personality, cheeky and fun.

Example; below is an image of his cover letter, providing a brief overview of the standards – skills, experience, career objectives – and the unique – his favourite tea, for example.

His cover letter as a PDF, here: Oliver James CV.

And really, how can you dislike someone who lists their personal stats on their professional website? This guy is pretty neat.

-Jessie W.