Mondays can be a drag, check these out for a creative kick-start to your morning

To avoid inserting forty photos into a single, mile-long post, I’ve narrowed a fantastic list of the best conceptual ads down to my top ten favourites. From the Graphic Design blog, these forty ads favor ingenuity in design and creativity in execution to convey a message and sell a product.  Check out the unabridged list here, or the ten best below then let us know what you think.

1. Pollution is closer than you think

2. You Can Stop Global Warming

3. Use Only What You Need

4. Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer

5. Reserved for Drunk Driving

6. Law and Order Ad

7. Use Electricity Wisely

8. Restaurant Mirador del Alto Dali

9. Neglected Children are made to Feel Visible

10. Cemex Concrete

Disagree that these are the best? Let us know what you think.

-Jessie W.