The iPad: so easy, even a child can use it!

While I may never fully understand why the internet finds kittens just so adorable; this, admittedly, is quite cute: a two year old uses an iPad for the first time. Surprisingly, the little girl finds it quite simple to use, enlarging iPhone apps and playing games.

Describing the girl’s use of the tablet, her father said:

As you can see, after geeking out on my Sutro Tower homescreen, she took right to it — including figuring out how to enlarge some of her favorite iPhone-legacy apps to 2x to display full-size on the iPad screen. If you’re good at understanding kid-speak, you’ll also notice that she immediately saw its potential as a video-display device. She lamented the lack of a camera, and wondered about its potential for playing games.

Below is the full video, from the Huffington Post.

-Jessie W.