Music, they say, is everything. However polemic one is while describing†music, it is undeniably the great communicator. In the post-post-Napster age where the CD is slowly becoming obsolete – at least in my circles – and buying enough songs to fill my iPod on iTunes would run me a near fortune, the next best, legal opiton†is listening to music online.

So here, I have compiled the top five spots to listen to music online and hopefully you already know of Grooveshark, the free downloads from the iTunes store and LastFM.

stereomood tuning my emotions logo free online music

1) Stereomood. The basic premise of Stereomood, summed up by their tagline ‘tuning my emotions,’ is that the site allows users to sample a broad range of tracks, neatly complied by mood or activity. The site pulls from a blogroll of more than two dozen and rearranges each piece by mood and activity, allowing you to customize your playlist accordingly. Since it’s still morning, try the Just Wake Up playlist. Skip tp tracks eight and eleven for my†personal†favorites.

2) Garageband: Doubling as an online social media networking and review site, Garageband is a great place to find unsigned or underground artists. Although most of the bands will be unfamiliar, a user-generated rating system makes it easy to pinpoint and listen to the most popular tracks.

3) Grooveline: This portal site doesn’t so much collect music as it will point you to the best places to shop for hard to find music online or in-person, download mp3s for free, great venues to catch live performances, and more. A fairly new site which still admittedly experience minor glitches, the site is an excellent source to find great music, editorial and social publishing content.

4) 8Tracks: Similar to Stereomood, 8Tracks allows users to customize and share playlists. The name, 8tracks, refers to the average length of a playlist – 30 minutes, or roughly eight songs. Browse by genre, best of lists or the playlist’s maker, the site also has a Twitter-like feature which allows users to ‘follow’ their favourite lists. My personal favourite, from the magazine of the same name, Bitch Tapes, found here.

5) And lastly, CBC Radio3. For the best Canadian content anywhere, Radio3 is the place to be. Featuring every genre of new music, including punk, hip hop, electronica and live internet broadcaster, this is an essential source. Completely free, completely Canadian, this site is a daily feature for listening to music. Favourites I have discovered here: Great Lake Swimmers, The Wooden Sky and the Rose Cousins.

Those are my top five; anyone know something I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments, please.

For now,

– Jessie W.