Wednesdays, sometimes referred to as ‘hump days‘, are the middle of the working week, when Monday morning blues are but a distant memory and the bright lights of Friday nights are just out of reach. For me, Wednesdays are quite enjoyable: a little time here at the office, a lecture and the rest of the afternoon is mine. And usually, when I’m not bogged done by textbook reading, essay writing or lecture review, I spend my time in the blogosphere, Stumbling along or clicking ‘refresh’ to get the latest status updates on Facebook.

So I’ve decided to post some of my favourite links from my week so far, to help you get through these last days before the weekend.

Here are my top five favourite finds:

1.) Collect.Give: a non-profit photography collective which sells one print for two weeks with all proceeds going to support the Red Cross. This week: Max S. Gerber’s Mother Nature Doth Provide with proceeds benefiting the ongoing reconstruction in Haiti.

2.) ArtPad: basically a 2.0 version of Paint available on the net. Express yourself, then frame your piece and hang it in the Art Pad virtual gallery.

3.) Coffee in one of these mugs is bound to make the morning pass a little better.

4.) From All Eyes, images from around the world.

5.) This is a two-for-one. First, read the OK GO front man Damian Kulash opinion piece over at the New York Timeshere, in which he rightly argues that “Blogs, Web sites and video aggregators serve as cultural curators, daily collecting the items that will interest their audiences the most.” Then, hop over to YouTube to watch the band’s latest release and prepare to have your mind blown, just a little.

Hopefully some of these made your Wednesday morning wonderful,

– Jessie W.