In yet another brilliant move by Google, Street View is now on the ski slopes! You can now see the venues for the games and the world’s first snowmobile Street View imagery on Google Maps.

From the Google official blog:

“2/09/2010 10:00:00 AM The view from Whistler Mountain is something everyone should see: a range of rugged mountains, trails of snow, fir trees and placid lakes below. It’s changed since I lived there some years back there are many more houses, and far better chairlifts but what remains is the rare feeling of being free, in nature, about to tear into peak snow.” (rest here)

Just look at these great shots:

Google Snowmobile Street View Whistler Olympics 2010 Vancouver BC

7th Heaven blackcomb Whistler Google Snowmobile Street View Olympics 2010

Happy Friday and happy exploring everyone!

~Adam M.