I really should have titled this blog post as, “The Death of Tea”. As some of you know I am a bit of a tea nut. I have over 50 kinds of loose leaf tea and spend a lot of my free time in various city’s Chinatowns looking for more. So naturally when I was grabbing a quick sandwich for lunch today about to board the train for Windsor (I’m speaking at a conference on the role of social media in political campaigns) I grabbed a bottle of cold tea.

See exhibit (a):

(Photo courtesy of my Google Android phone)

Well, without getting into a discussion too heavy on marketing, I need to ask the obvious question:

How the hell is Tea ‘Diet’? – or more importantly why would anyone want to buy it (aside from the fact that I clearly bought one a few hours ago). Is it not†implicit†that ‘Diet’ just screams, “this is chemically created”?

Kakuzo Okakura must be turning in his grave.

Anyways, I will keep you posted on the Liberal Party of Canada in Ontario Annual General Meeting @ Caesars Palace in Windsor I am speaking at this weekend. I also hope to be posting the 2 presentations I am giving online – stay tuned.

-Adam M.