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UPDATE: The Married Man just did a great post on this. read it here.

There has been a lot of discussion today around our office about the H1N1 vacinne and what the deal is with the buzz around ‘mercury in the vaccine”.

I’m not sure if this is media sensationalism or if there is a legitament risk but here is what I pulled off the website of the Public Health Agency of Canada:

Q4. Is it true that there is mercury in the vaccine? How much mercury?

Both vaccines contain a small amount of thimerosal. Thimerosal is a form of mercury used in the H1N1 flu vaccine to stabilize it and maintain its quality during storage. Thimerosal is a different form of mercury than the mercury known to cause health problems. The amount in the H1N1 adjuvanted flu vaccine is much less than the daily limit recommended for environmental exposure to mercury. For example, there is significantly less mercury in the vaccine than you would find in a can of tuna fish.

You can read the rest here.

Given I ate a 6″ tuna sub from subway today for lunch, I’m not concerned about the ‘mercury’ in my vaccine.

I would also like to highlight the line, “Thimerosal is a different form of mercury than the mercury known to cause health problems.” But I will let my friends andcolleagues who know more about science than I do explain that.

Are you getting the shot? What are your thoughts about this? leave a comment and let us know.