Pondstone Communications, Ottawa’s eco-friendly online communications agency, is seeking a hugely motivated intern interested in real industry experience. If we pick you, don’t expect to be shafted with coffee runs and pointless make-work projects. You’ll spend your time taking over responsibilities for one of our cutting edge social marketing services. This highly competitive un-paid internship will provide hands-on experience in social marketing, web and graphic design, and campaign-based software development. It’s the perfect stepping stone into the highly competitive communications field.
The successful applicant will be expected to work at 30-35 hours a week, from Monday, October 29th to Friday, December 18th.
To apply, please send your CV and cover letter no later than 5:00pm EST Friday, October 23rd to Adam Miron, Director of Social Marketing, amiron@pondstone.ca
For more information about us, check out www.pondstone.ca.