Best (and strangest) YouTube commercials I could find in 30 minutes

Best YouTube commercials I could find in 30 minutes

I’m not sure if I’ve posted this particular commercial before on our blog but it is one of my all time favourites. Enjoy.

A 2007 campaign ad by Wilkinson Sword razors makes guys’ skin as soft as babies, The battle between man and their baby. Now, man can finally win back their wife! To get their wife back, there is no choice but to fight. Fight for Kisses.

Get a new ringtone.

Probably best that I don’t comment on this one…

Why go on a date when you can stay at home and eat chocolate?

Dentiste’ – for killer bad breath. Can anyone guess which country this commercial was made for?

Purity orange juice. Hmmm…

Maybe it’s because I have a sore throat, but I really want a Halls every time I watch this.

The UK’s Royal Mail turn to a dancing cat to push their customisable stamps.

Sony Twilight Football is a global event which takes place on 22nd September 2009. 7 twilight matches will be taking place at stunning, specially chosen locations in: Italy, France, the UK, Spain, Argentina and Australia, with the Twilight Football grand final happening in South Africa, the host for the 2010 World Cup. See more at:

IBM’s viral attempt to push their Thinkpads.