I have to start by admitting that I know very little about games. But I know a fair bit about ads. Thats why when I saw the new spot from Texas’ own Beef and Sage for some game I have never heard of I knew I stumbled upon (excuse the pun) something WWTWOT (well worth the waste of time).

First (and I promise to get to the ad soon) I wasn’t even sure if this was a real game. You will have to excuse my ignorance to the gamming world but it looked like a newer version of Doom or Half-life – although I haven’t played those since I was 12 and 17 respectively.

Next, the ad itself is good but I wasn’t sold until the end of it – I’m a sucker for cheesy TV infomericials.

So to provide some background, here is the official trailer (not the ad I am speaking about) of the game in mention, Serious Sam HD:

*You really don’t have to watch it past 25 seconds. It is essentially†the same shooting deal for the rest of the video.

Now the moment you have you been waiting for. But first, I want you to bear in mind that this was sent to a professional ad firm and was paid a good chunk of change for…

What do you think?

If people leave enough comments I will post more random ads for your viewing delight.


– Adam M