Putting small holes in font could be a new way to save money on printing costs.  A company in The Netherlands, developed the Ecofont to cut down on ink costs and printer waste.  The designers decided to experiment with different fonts and methods of reducing them so that less ink was used to print readable fonts.


The holes (easier to see in larger fonts) don’t reduce the legibility of the letters while cutting down on the letter content.  The smaller the font, the less likely the holes will be noticeable.  On the other hand, the larger the font the more ink savings.

According to the Ecofont Web site, this font uses 20 percent less ink.  The company came to the 20 percent estimate based on research with software that compared the average black surface of the letters.

Of course, there are always disclaimers such as the actual savings will vary depending on the age and type of printer and on the paper choice and “tonal value increase”.  Tonal value increase simply means that the smaller the print the less ink saved.  The font was intended to be used at font size 9 or 10.

The free version of the Ecofont is based on the sans serif Verdana font.

Get the font for free here.