The Cybraphon is a handmade musical robot contained in an antique wardrobe made up of instruments, antique machinery, and found objects, all of which are operated by over 60 robotic components.


The Cybraphon differs from run-of-the mill musical robots in its relentless obsession with its own online popularity. It uses a MacBook Pro to search the web for references to itself, in addition to keeping track of Facebook and Myspace friends and its number of followers on Twitter. The Cybraphon’s “mood” is determined by how much online attention it gets. Since Internet popularity is a fleeting thing, the Cybraphon emotions are always fluctuating.

It also delivers music reflective of how it’s feeling. When showered with page hits and friends, it delivers a happy melody. When ignored, it takes things into more melancholy territory. Cybraphon was designed by Edinburgh-based band.

You can also have a look at the Cybraphon’s ever changing moods on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.