Gatorade 1

Typically what the counter looks like

We’ve been talking about doing a post on Gatorade for quite some time now. Duane, Antoine, James, and I all drink a lot of it. But we buy it in the powder form and make it ourselves. Its not uncommon for 3-4 Ls a day to be consumed. So just to mix things up a bit Duane also purchase a can of powdered Nestea ice tea mix. I don’t mind it and find it not as sweet as a the Gatorade (but clearly still prefer Gatorade) but Antoine is not a fan. He claims it has a kind of mosquito repellent after taste (how does he know what mosquito repellent tastes like?).

Regardless, I got up to make yet another cup today – yes, I individually make each glass, whereas Duane re-uses the large mouthed Gatorade bottles and Antoine uses some sort of European glass bottle Orangina-looking carafe which he keeps in the fridge. And decided to try something new. Wait for it… Lemon Lime Ice Tea Gatorade.

That’s right – the combo of all combos. Think about it, you put lemons (and maybe even limes occasionally) in ice tea. It’s not too sweet, it’s summery and its full of electrolytes. The ideal office 4pm pick-me-up.

So now that I’ve peaked your curiosity on these marvel concoction, I’m guessing you are curious how it worked out? Let me show you.

First, we mixed it.

Note the different colours of powder

Note the different colours of powder

Then I added the required amount of water and mixed accordingly.

Note the colour is the same as regular Nestea

Note the colour is the same as regular Nestea

And of course, what you’ve all been waiting for – the tasting.

As Gary Vaynerchuk would say, "Have a sippy sip".

Okay. You may notice the cup is more than half empty (or less than half full :)) But I wasn’t able to take a photo of myself with my BlackBerry Bold that wasn’t blurry so I called Antoine over to help. By the time we took a picture that worked I was basically finished. But who cares! HOW DID IT TASTE??!!???

Answer: 8/10. It was okay – nothing special. Or as one of my favourite Pride and Prejudice quotes Mr. Darcy says, “It was perfectly adequate”. †Drinking it all so quickly kind of hurt my stomach though.

Finished the Nestea Gatorade

Thumbs up (that's right, I'm bringing it back)

Anyways, if you have some crazy Gatorade ideas send them along.

Here is my commitment to you:

I will try any Gatorade combinations you send or post as a comment, within the next 24 hours, with the following conditions;

*1. It is not toxic nor will it†hurt nor harm me

*2. It does not contain meat (fish is okay)

*3. It costs less than $25 CAD

*4. It is legal

I will take photos and post my thoughts about on your combo on our blog. GUARANTEED.

Either comment on the blog or email me directly at

Bring it on.

-Adam M.