Adam savage

Adam Savage

Here’s an article from The Channel Wire on how MythBuster Adam Savage used twitter to (successfully)dispute an $11,000 AT&T phone bill. Savage had roughly 50,000 twitter followers before the incident. He now has 64,000.



The rumor started over the weekend: Mythbuster Adam Savage was hit with an $11,000 bill from AT&T for using data services in Canada. And then, it was confirmed and myth no more: While traveling through Canada, the co-star of the popular TV showMythBusters got socked with an astronomical bill for service from AT&T for what he claimed was only a few hours of Web surfing, and then Savage used the power of Twitter to get the telecom giant to adjust the disputed tab.

Savage was using his AT&TUSB Connect Mercury modem, according to a post onhis Twitter feed, @donttrythis. AT&T claimed Savage uploaded/downloaded 9 million kilobytes — 9GB — while in Canada. Savage wrote: “Frakking impossible.” AT&T turned off his phone service, refusing to turn it back on until he paid.

That’s apparently when the Twitterverse got into motion. At the time, Savage had roughly 50,000 followers (it’s up to 64,074 and counting), and a good chunk of them thought it was time to give AT&T a piece of their collective mind. According to Savage’s Twitter page: “AT&T guy on the phone with me: ‘apparently you’ve got enough Twitter followers to get our attention.'”

In the end, Savage reported that, “Draconian policies aside, all the AT&T cust. svc. peeps I talked to were helpful and nice. Even before my tweet.”

Still, he noted, there’s a problem with carriers thinking in kilobytes and not with a customer mindset. And the rates are unbelieveably high, so buyer beware. In fact, this morning, Savage wrote: “Canada’s Rogers Wireless is soon to charge 15 for INCOMING txt. Prob. cheaper to call dude in INDIA: pay HIM to READ your txt to you.”