The tallest in skyscraper North America is now set to undergo a never-before-seen $350 million green renovation operation. The repercussions for retro-active “greenification” of other buildings and skyscrapers worldwide could be huge. Never before have green renovations of this scale been seen and this could really set the bar for others.

the lungs of the building

the lungs of the building

The Chicago skyscraper is set for much more than putting a turbine or two on the roof; upgrades are said to also include rooftop gardens and solar panels on its signature multi-pitched roofs , improvements to the insolation of the windows, redecking the over 100 elevators in the skyscraper, and the heating/cooling of its 4.5 million square feet of floor-space.

Energy savings are predicted to be of 80%, which is equivalent to 150 million barrels of oil a year. The building is set to be pushing for LEED green certification, the point-based energy efficiency classification system put in place by the U.S. Green building Council.

Sears Tower

image and stats sources: The New York Times & Top News