The Boston Bruins launched a new ad campaign pushing the new bear image. My favourite of the new ads is:

The rest are okay, but this was a runner up for the top spot:

Also, I probably should note that I am not Bruins fan. I have a theory that everyone should have 2 favourite teams; their birth place team and their current regional team. When I lived in BC I had both the Oilers (I was born in Edmonton) and the Canucks. In the case where your 2 teams play each other, one must always root for their birth team. This, of course, now means that my 2 teams are the Oilers and the Senators. I’m happy to be a new Senators fan, for the most part, but I won’t drive around with a red flag sticking out of my vehicle’s window.

Oh, and just in case you forgot, the Oilers really were a great team: