Reality TV meets social marketing in a tasty for Doritos Brazil.

The Sweet Chili bags of chips have an access code that consumers can use online to ‘release’ a Doritos Lover, a weird and unique little cartoon like monster. Yes, you heard right – a little monster. Then they get you to activate your webcam and ‘chat’ and ‘teach’ your little monster things – which others can watch.

Check it out:

The campaign, created by Cubocc, Sao Paulo has seen some fantastic results so far with 23,000 lovers already being freed in a week.

Upon being released, the Lovers are added to their owner’s Orkut profile – the largest social network in Brazil – as a special app. Owners can take pictures of their Lover, create birth certificates or even put the unwanted Lovers up for adoption!

The most exiting part though is that the Lovers have a mind of their own with built in AI, Lovers will interact with others online and can randomly ‘introduce’ their owners to other Doritos Lovers owners… amazingly, there are over 18 trillion possible Doritos Lovers combinations.

Speaking of our South American friends, check out what BBDO Argentina did for Doritos in their native land.

Cheers everyone,

Adam M.