A shout out to video guru Brian Murphy at Wabi-Sabi in Montreal for pointing us in the direction of UStream.

UStream.tv lets anyone with a video camera and an internet connection broadcast live. It’s literally this easy to get started. They even offer an application to stream live video from your mobile device.

I’ll let you think up for yourself all the possibilities this kind of technology opens up, but just for starters: stream your wedding video live so absent family and friends can still participate, broadcast your band’s local gig to a potentially global audience, or broadcast important milestones like baby’s first steps as they happen.

Think about it. Anything you can point a camera at can now be shared in real time around the world. That’s pretty amazing.

So what kinds of things are being broadcast? Categories include Sports, Music, Entertainment, How-To, Gaming, Religion and more.

It’s definitely worth a look. And if you do sign up and start streaming, let us know! We’d love to check it out.