Given it’s Saturday and we tend to keep things pretty light here at Pondstone anyways, I thought I would mention the new Burger King TV commercials.

Almost as funny as the football in a man’s (to clarify – some other man’s) groin is the ancient art of waking someone from their sleep. Burger King, looking for a way to market their late night menu, jumped on the concept with their new set of ads.

The funniest is this one:


and the other two

Of course, this may not be as weird as their previous campaign, “I like square butts/SpongeBob Burger King”.

Thinking about it more, it seems Burger King (or at least their ad agency) has a thing for commercials set in the bed room. I remember the very strange, “Wake up with the King” commercials which freaked me out a bit.

And of course when something like this happens, Burger King called the cops. I wonder where those oh-so-clever kids got the idea.

On the other side of things, this women called 911 when she didn’t get the kind of burger she wanted

Happy Saturday everyone,

Adam M.