bingThose who know me know that I have joked about naming my first born Google for over a year now. I even suggested it to a friend of mine when he informed me his wife was pregnant. They are currently using the name as it is perfectly androgynous(and they chose not to know the sex until birth) but I’m sure it won’t stick.

Regardless, Google instills a lot of things when they hear it. For me it’s knowledge, power (Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est – Sir Francis Bacon, Meditationes Sacræ. De Hæresibus 1597), wealth, and almost  as a paradox – simplicity. Google is so good that it has become a commonly used verb, “Who was the 12th Prime Minister?” “I dunno, Google it” (it’s Louis St. Laurent).

A Sheriff’s search was conducted for the All Things Digital conference yesterday where Microsoft CEO, Steve Pallmer, was shown that Google was preferred by 54% of Americans online. Yahoo! had a 22% preferred rate and Microsoft was at 8%. Clearly this was in anticipation of the announcement Steve Ballmer was going to make.

Then it happened, he talked about Microsoft’s new search engine:


The site isn’t live yet but there is a good video introduction. You may notice the site is currently situated at– this is based on their new slogan, “The world doesn’t need another search engine, it needs a decision engine” (Urgh).  I’m curious to see if the brand advocacy works and the terminology “Bing it” or “Bing me” takes off.

Also, it should be noted that although an actual definition of Bing does not exist, the first three listing for Bing in the urban dictionary define it as a prison.

Bing you next time,

Adam M.