zingrZing-a-ling / n. Someone who doesn’t quite understand how to compose a Zing!.

Miracle Whip is back in full 2.0 form, going after the 18-30 something demographic.

On May 14th AKQA started a new campaign to bring the Zing back. Creating a new app called ‘Zingr’ which is a highly branded utility that lets you leave comments all over the internet which pulls into your Facebook Newfeed.

You can find this at the Miracle Whip website.

zinglishPlaying off of their play on words they decided to bring in a whole new vocabulary branding concept too, calling it Zinglish.

It’s beyond me how they could have passed on A-maze-Zing in the vocabulary.

The concept is great and the functionality looks fun but I was surprised to see that after 11 days of launching they still have fewer than 1400 fansof the official Zingr Facebook Page.

I should have mentioned at the beginning that I am a fan of Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise, not Miracle Whip. My friend Kay turned me on to this last summer (as she did for most of my better tastes in food) AND they have a great marketing campaign of their own on TV right now. They claim that all the ingredients they use, from canola oil to the eggs, are from Canada.

On another note, the sad reality that I have just spent a portion of my morning blogging about Mayonnaise has just kicked in so I will end this here.

Adam M.